My Grandma told me:


I was raised in a city seven hours' drive from Gramma and yet the distance was seldom felt. We had a special relationship facilitated by often weekly cards that she would send me and sharing of sketchbooks when we visited her. Gramma had this imaginative and dynamic free-thought that served her well as musical director at a renowned boys' school and a magical ability to bring a group of people together - both for entertainment and community purposes. I'll never forget the enthusiasm with which she would organise her walking groups in her later years. But something of particular pertinence that she taught me was first identified in one of her frequent cards and exemplified by her ambassadorial role for Age Concern.

My gramma told me: lead. A simple card with an illustration of a silhouetted line of camels being lead by a figure through the desert, inscribed "Here you are, leading your dreams".

It is one thing to have dreams and another to go after them but what Gramma empowered me with was the knowledge that really, we lead dreams. My hopes and dreams of being an architect, studying in London, designing buildings of civic importance - these dreams weren't going to come to me - I needed to round them up and lead them forward. That I did. So take the reigns, lead the vision forward.


Coming soon.

My Grandma told me:

Cook with Passion

My grandmother stirred her scone mix with such vigour she had biceps to die for. This is how she lived her life - with passion and great enthusiasm.
Her Scottish heritage never left her and she called on this regularly, particular whilst living through a war and raising her family on a very rural farm. She will always be remembered for her thrift, wisdom and passion for life, something that continues through the next generations.

My Grandma Told me: Don't let the grey hair fool you.

To never let the grey hair fool you. One of the most spirited women, she never let age be a reason not to do anything she had put her mind to.

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