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Coffee with Neelofer

On Mondays we like to share a short format interview with one of our wider Gather community members. Just a handful of questions with a generous helping of everyday inspiration to tuck into over your morning cuppa. This week, meet Neelofer.

This week's track is by Neelofer, herself! Give her piece, Wildflower a listen:

Neelofer Nova

"Be fearless, take risks and don’t ever be afraid to stand out from the rest and disrupt the norm, it will make you the strong independent woman, who you will be very proud of."

What part(s) of the world do you call home?

Wimbledon, Southwest London

What is your industry, hustle, current project or passion?

I have a diverse background in law, education, mentoring and public relations. I am currently a project manager for a creative organisation, WORDPLAY and FLOW, which promotes and supports poets of colour and elevates women within the poetry and spoken word scene.

"The podcast is interview based and I like to describe my guests as ordinary people doing extraordinary things."