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30 Something and Over It

Edwards, Kasey

What Happens When You Wake Up and Don't Want to Go to Work.ever Again

Kasey Edwards has everything she's always wanted—a successful career and the lifestyle and assets to match. But she's empty and uninspired and doesn't want to go to work . . . ever again. Terrified that she'll spend the rest of her life wearing pinstripes and pretending to care about "adding value," Kasey embarks on a quest to rediscover passion and purpose in her life and work. We follow her on a journey of self-discovery as she looks for meaning in a puppy's eyes, begs her gynecologist to cure her existential crisis, dabbles with the Law of Attraction, and braves 10 days of silent meditation. Meanwhile, her best friend Emma, who is experiencing a similar crisis, concentrates her search in the fields of casual sex and vodka shots. This irreverent yet poignant memoir will make you question our definition of the "perfect life," laugh at the absurdity of the modern workplace, and be warmed by the story of a friendship. Rise above your office cubicle for a moment and join Kasey in asking life's big questions—and find the courage to listen to your answers.

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