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Be The Change

Martin, Gina

A Toolkit for the Activist in You

BE THE CHANGE is an essential handbook for the modern activist, whether your campaign is big or small, local or global, or somewhere in between.'Gina Martin's powerful campaigning and vital activism changed the law, making our country safer for women and girls. This book tells us how she did it - and how you can too'Sadiq Khan, Mayor of LondonIn June 2017, a man took a photo up Gina Martin's skirt at a music festival. The police told her that this was not a sexual offence; the man would not be charged.The law had let Gina down, and her first reaction was resignation. It's too big, too scary, too complicated for someone like me to challenge this. But something inside her had snapped. Gina was tired of accepting sexual harassment as a fact of life.Eighteen months later, she had changed the law and made upskirting a criminal offence.Now, Gina wants to empower you with the tools and courage to challenge injustice and fight for change, whether it's in your school, workplace or community, or even on a global scale. In BE THE CHANGE you will learn: What activism really is and why it's so important How to use the internet to fight for what you believe in How to pick the cause you truly care about And how to do the hardest thing in activism: get startedBe the Change also includes plenty of practical advice like how to write a press release, set up an e-petition, find pro-bono legal support and secure media coverage for your campaign. Praise for Gina Martin: 'Gina is a total inspiration - an example of how one person CAN change things'EMMA GANNON, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Multi-Hyphen Method'Gina Martin is a sensation. A one-woman whirlwind whose campaigning skills and passion for justice achieved vital legal change which the staid political establishment would otherwise have left unremedied'THE SECRET BARRISTER, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken

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