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Sushi for Beginners

Keyes, Marian

Three women in Dublin are going through a period of change in their lives. Bitchy, ambitious and beautiful, Lisa has been sent to Dublin to launch a brand new Irish Women's Magazine, however as she thought her next move was to New York she feels like she is in exile and is none to happy with the alternative. On arrival she decides that her new boss, the attractive if not somewhat scruffy Jack Devine, might just be the only worthwhile thing in Ireland. Aisling, Lisa's new assistant, aka 'little Miss Fix It', is the world's biggest worrier and everyone's friend. Unused to the glamorous world of glossy magazines and never before having encountered anyone like Lisa, she feels that she will never be able to cope. Her lack of waistline and boyfriend send her into a sinking depression, that even her weekly salsa class cannot erase. Clodagh, the girl who has everything - blonde, beautiful married to the gorgeous Dylan with two perfect children - is bored. She's on the lookout for something or someone new ... Sushi for Beginners tells the tale of three women's struggle for happiness and once again Marian Keyes has produced a book you just don't want to put down. The lesson - if you don't grasp every opportunity that comes along you just might miss the boat! -- from (May 3, 2011).

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