Gather Connections Manager

A successful Public Relations and Corporate and Internal Communications professional, Stephanie recently took some time away from the corporate world and travelled around the globe visiting more than 20 countries over the past two years. Originally from New York City and Florida in the United States, Stephanie was attracted to the diversity of London and after many years has returned to school at The London School of Economics where she is pursuing her MSc in Human Resources and Organisations. ​ Throughout her career, Stephanie has developed content, narratives, and positioning that reinforces the vision and strategic goals for some of the world’s leading organisations. In her last position, she led internal and international communications and managed many aspects of corporate communications for a Fortune 250 organisation as it navigated the challenges of a successful merger, a failed acquisition attempt and several leadership changes. She is passionate about developing, leading, mentoring and growing talent and helping people realise their full potential. Stephanie has turned her love of travel into a business as a travel consultant, and she also continues to act as a communications consultant. When not travelling or Gathering, Stephanie can be found with a nice glass of wine, a cone of gelato or a slice of pizza – preferably while petting a kitty. ​ Stephanie was drawn to the encouraging, inspirational and welcoming world of Gather, and in her role as Gather Connections Manager, she hopes to bring together Gatherers with common interests, needs or questions.

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