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Alpacas, a Mountain of Croissants and Mental Wellbeing

"What gets you out of bed in the morning?"

Bright and early on a summer's Saturday in June, it was the promise of alpacas, lunch and the exploration of mental wellbeing. At a farm and cottage, we opened with a workshop hosted by Master Coach, Nicolette Wilson-Clarke . We worked through a series of questions via discussion and personal reflection that helped establish a unique framework of personal values with which we could articulate our personal purpose and guide important decisions.

"What keeps you up at night?"

After lunch and the all essential play time with the resident farm cuties - notably, pygmy goats and various pups running riot with their new found pals - we moved into an introductory session about stress management lead by Occupational Therapist, Rose Kourie. Discussing good stress, bad stress and the implications of stress overflow, the group explored what strategies do and don't work for them in their workplaces - list making, lunch breaks, exercise, setting boundaries with their work team etc.

"Why do you do what you do?"

These simple but challenging questions formed part of the personal value discovery discussions lead by Nicolette. At Gather, we congregate to encourage personal development, to establish a safe and welcoming community and to inspire each other to continue building our empires in the everyday. This wellbeing weekend saw growth, inspiration and connection on both a community and personal level in a way that has left us inspired and grateful in the weeks following. The magic of a community of women coming together will never cease to blow my mind - thank you Rose, Nicolette and all the wonderful ladies that joined us last Saturday.

Both Rose and Nicolette welcome your getting in touch if their work is of interest to you. Please follow the links to their websites tagged by their name in the post in order to do so.

A snapshot of the day's proceedings:

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