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Gather Wellbeing 2019

As the UK heads into acknowledging Wellbeing Week 2019, we made our way down to West Sussex for our second Gather Wellbeing day and what a day we had!

Unpacking the concept of The Divine Feminine as a powerful, creative energy that rests on our deep intuition, Loussin-Torah provided us with just some of the methods that are readily accessible to activate this energy and nourish our being in creative, feminine power.


Rose then took us to sit beneath the cherry tree and shared with us her story of unconventional success - challenging the western take on success and how we can begin to re-think the milestones and freedoms by which we measure success in our own lives.

Are we comparing our measure to that of others', following a rule book set out by algorithms and social media trends? Or are we carving out our own trajectory, built upon what best serves us?


To close the day, life coach and mentor, Carol invited us to re-consider our decision making process - are we calling the shots with courage or in crisis?

Living a courageous life and not one in crisis requires us to make a decision to say yes to what we can intelligently accommodate in our lives - being courageous enough to say no to that which is blocking us. A courageous life is living our own journey - not a journey of the expectation of others. A courageous life is acknowledging our real strengths and living to them, being aware of our more crisis driven moments and the impact they have on us both physically and mentally.

Remind yourself it is your journey.

Revisit your chosen journey - hone and re-plot it and be open to change.

Remember to acknowledge all achievements, large and small and nurture your holistic wellbeing.

A huge thank you to everybody that contributed to making the day so effortless and fruitful. In particular, I personally extend my gratitude once again to our workshop leads and venue host and of course, the ambassadors who keep it all ticking over.

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