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Coffee with Martina

On Mondays we like to share a short format interview with one of our wider Gather community members. Just a handful of questions with a generous helping of everyday inspiration to tuck into over your morning cuppa. This week, meet Martina.


"Fear is the main to barrier to the true expression of yourself"

What part(s) of the world do you call home?

‘Wherever you’re happy, you can call it home’ is an old Tibetan saying. There are so many

places around the world which made me happy! From Italy to France, from Brazil to

England. I take with me good and bad memories from these home places which shaped my

person so deeply. I guess the interesting question here is: does my current home makes me

happy? and what can I do to make it happier?

What is your industry, hustle, current project or passion?

I’m a Building Performance Engineer. I engage myself, day after day, to improve the

environmental quality of buildings and mitigate their impact on our planet.

"Listen, think and ask to build a clearer interpretation of the world around you."

What’s an important moment that signified a first step towards where you are today?

My first experience abroad, far from familiars: Paris! Living in this charming city opened to

me so many doors. It has been a true discovery, the revelation of my limits and the

awareness of a world of possibilities to undertake (or not). Paris was the most intense

year of my life (from a professional point of view) so full of encounters, exchanges, and

diversity. At that time, I literally fell in love with architecture, travels, research and urban

design. My project thesis located in Sarajevo was born in this time and has been a wonderful journey through Europe - the war ruins, the hate, the hope, the kids, a prince who comes back to his homeland from exile, the attempt to design in such a sensible urban context…

What is a moment you are proud of?

This is a wonderful question to think about. I’m always being critic with myself, and I do not

spend time feeling proud. But if you ask me, I will say: one moment? Only one?

I’m proud of my optimism which gave me in the past the strength to look forward, beyond the sorrow of the loss. I’m proud of the capacity to see the water glass always half full, being resilient and able to respond to life tricks. I’m proud of my curiosity for the non-comfort zone and my interest in the diversity around me. I’m proud of my ‘courage’ (perhaps is more unconsciousness) which gave to me the opportunity to challenge obstacles. I’m proud of the perfect sequence of my working experiences which made me learn such great things!

I’m proud of my engagement and cooperation with other cultures that teaches me more than tonnes of books. I’m proud to have had the luck to meet true guides and masters in my life. I’m proud of the athletic trophies, the spins at the circus, the Beethoven sonata.

I’m proud of everything I could embrace and I forgive myself for what I did not have the time to bring with me. Ps. This sounds super narcissist – you can trust me there are so many other things I’m not proud of!

What advice would you give your younger self today?

Try to not be afraid. Fear is the main to barrier to the true expression of yourself. Fear is

only in your mind and you can overcome (almost) everything if you can get rid of it. Quite the opposite, be curious, and go to discover all around. Listen, think and ask to build a clearer interpretation of the world around you. Do not be indifferent to the others and do your best to empathise. Keep in mind what make you happy and not what others would want from you.

Relax and keep it light. Smile! Good luck!

In one word, what is the most important thing to you in life?

Time. That unique moments of life spent and shared with my loved ones.

Where can we find you?


LinkedIn: Martina Pacifici

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