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Gather Wellbeing - the FAQs

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

We're escaping the Big Smoke for an away day in West Sussex. A cottage, an array of animals and some great company to engage in a day of yoga, mindfulness and thought provoking workshops. And this is where we try to answer some of your questions about the day. Read on!

Questions covered in this post:

Where can I get my tickets?

Is this a womens only event?

What does my ticket cover?

What does my ticket price go towards?

How do I get there?

What do I need to bring?

Is there a wet weather policy?

What if Covid-19 restrictions or distancing guidance changes?

I am not very comfortable with animals, can I still come?

I have food allergies, will you cater for this?

What's the programme for the day?

What are you doing to reduce waste?

I can no longer go, can I get a refund?

Any other questions?

Where can I get my tickets?

Head over to Eventbrite:

These will go on sale Friday, 11th June 2021.

Is this a women's only event?

It is! We believe women face and experience a unique set of circumstances and challenges. This day is curated towards this and a safe space for any desired discussion surrounding this.

What does my ticket cover?

Ticket will cover all workshops, morning and afternoon snacks and tea/coffee. If you have purchased a 'with taxi' ticket, your minibus transport from Horsham train station to cottage and back is also covered.

What does my ticket price go towards?

The ticket price covers Gather's ability to provide some food and refreshments, travel to/from Horsham Station and the cottage, and most importantly, so we can pay our workshop leaders.

How do I get there?