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Keep Moving: Resources for moving in your home

Written by Monique Head

In the midst of chaotic times, moving our bodies can bring us some much needed control. There are currently a wealth of online resources to get your body moving in your home - whether you are looking for something low impact or a high hit rate, there are many options.

The sheer number of apps/classes/YouTubers can be overwhelming so we have collated a few specific recommendations from Gather members for you. The below have been tried and tested by our own community and endorsed as great places to start!

The classes included range from free to access workouts which can be accessed via apps and websites as well as local companies which, if you are able, you may wish to support through paying classes you can join via Zoom.

1. Pre-recorded workouts

A number of gyms/apps have free trials and some are offering reduced rates and/or free classes for the duration of lock-down. YouTube also has plenty to offer in the way of pre-recorded workouts to follow.


Fiit's range of classes is divided into three sections – Strength, Cardio and Rebalance, with the latter offering yoga and Pilates sessions. There are 25-minute and 40-minute classes available across the board as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced options for each.

FiiT offers both a Free membership and Premium paid membership which you can get a 24 day free trial for. Further details can be found here:

Down Dog

Down Dog is offering free premium membership access until May 1st. This has already been extended from April 1st so is likely to be extended again.

With over 60,000 different configurations, Down Dog gives you the power to build a yoga practice to fit your needs on any given day. Offering beginner to advanced classes, 15 minute to 90 minute classes and guided meditation, it can be personalised as required.

Further details can be found here:


LesMills is offering free at home workouts for the public to access. They are perfect if you own gym equipment you want to utilise or are missing a specific one class you would ordinarily attend. Whether it be pump, balance, combat or girt, LesMills has you covered.

YouTube - BodyFit by Amy

BodyFit by Amy is a channel for you to find workouts that fit your lifestyle and meet your fitness goals. Workouts range from only 10 minutes to 45 minutes long. There are advanced workouts to really kick your butt and some low impact versions for those who need to take it a little slower.

Further details can be found here:

YouTube - MadFit

MadFit places emphasis on posting real, at home, workouts. There are plenty of ten minute high intensity videos which could be squeezed in as micro breaks during your working day.

2. Group classes via Zoom

An option for guided group classes is signing up for classes that you attend on Zoom - this can be helpful for adding a level of accountability if you’re looking for it. This is also a brilliant way to support local studios if you are able.

Glynnis Mapp Jacquard’s yoga practice

Glynnis is our yogi for the (much anticipated) wellbeing weekend this year. She is offering classes for £8 per household at differing times throughout the week.

The focus of Glynnis’ classes is wellness, she conducts yoga and meditation classes which are open to all.

For more information and up to date class times take a look at her instagram or facebook.

Pause Studio London classes

A local studio which is offering all of their classes online. The studio is offering over 20 classes per week including Yoga, Barre and Pilates for all levels, plus four free weekly meditation sessions.

Pause is offering concession rates if your income has been seriously affected by the coronavirus outbreak and free classes for NHS workers. If either of these applies to you, then email them as per the information on their website:

3. Something different

NHS recommended

A brilliant resource available on the NHS website includes many different at home workouts for all different types of bodies. These are health focused so if you are looking to get in the essential movements you need, this could be your one stop shop. There are some very creative options available, a highlight of the being the pillow workout:

BBC Breakfast throwback work-out

Or, if you are looking for some inspiration from the 80’s green goddess herself, she is making a comeback on BBC Breakfast. Eighty year-old Diana Moran will be doing exercises three times a week from self-isolation so viewers can follow along at home.

And above all, be kind to yourself! A little movement can do a world of good for you however not exercising everyday does not equal failure. Do what you can, when you can, and feel exponentially better for it.

Graphic from @morganharpernichols

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