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Gather Kick-off

Yesterday marked the formal kick-off for Gather and what an occasion it was. A big thank you to all the ladies that turned up and made for one hell of a (7 hour?!) brunch. We have a number of really exciting Gather events in the pipeline including the inaugural Gather Inspiration evening next month, a stroll through the infamous Highgate Cemetery and an Italian wine tasting evening. All of which you can find more information for over here.

I recently wrote a little bit on how Gather came to be and why we think it's important. You can read the quoted text below or head over to the Gather page to see for yourself and if you fancy, join us. We'd love to have you.



We have learned - living in London - that your network is everything. Our London network has provided us with friendships, business opportunities, new career paths, sanity, insanity (because sometimes that’s needed too), advice, loyalty and company in what can sometimes be a lonely city.

GATHER grew organically under a different name from connections that, through common interests fulfilled the above criteria and more.

But why formalise it as a collective instead of just having the occasional brunch?

We want every woman to have access to a network like we have had. On the one hand, it is a spirited group of friends with a common ground of interests, so you’ll never be short of a comrade. On the other hand, it is a group of highly intellectual and passionate women with whom we share and test ideas with, whilst learning from our diverse pool of knowledge.

We desire a network that is more engaging and personal than those developed from one-off events so that the relationships that are built from it become a source of momentum and affirmation for the individual’s pursuits - big and small - by participating as much or as little as you desire.

If this sounds like you, simply create yourself a log-in and hit up the events page for the next gathering or you can drop us a line here .

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